Course general information

Dear students!

I am happy to welcome you on the course "Travel Cakes"!

Format of the course:

Every week you will gain access to a new lesson on the training platform. Each lesson contains a video tutorial and a PDF recipe. The recipe can be downloaded. Subtitles are provided with the video in English. 

Questions for the instructors:

Our KICA instructors are here to answer all your questions within 1-2 working days (Monday-Friday). Please write your questions in the Google classroom on the appropriate lesson page so that you get a fast response from the instructors. You will be able to communicate with KICA instructors during the course, so don't miss the opportunity to ask questions and get support.

Submitting work:

In order to keep up with the pace of the course, we recommend that you submit the works week by week. However, you can also submit all the works any time before the end of the course - May 29 (by 21:00 UTC). If you do not meet the deadline, we will sadly be unable to accept your work. After submission, your work will be checked within 3-4 working days or earlier.

You can find a guide explaining how to submit the homework in the Google classroom’s introduction lesson "How to submit the homework".


If you submit all your works before the deadline and they are accepted, you will receive your KICA certificate of successful course completion via email on June 5. The certificate is issued in English. 

On request, you can extend the submission deadline for your homework by 2 weeks for an additional payment of 50 USD.

The request can be made no later than 6 months after the end of the course.

I hope that by taking this course, as well as obtaining new knowledge and mastering essential techniques, you will also have fun during the learning process and enjoy the final outcome.


See you in the first lesson!

Pastry chef

 Karim Bourgi

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