Surprise your loved ones or dazzle your customers with something truly unique

Artful Bento Cakes is here to guide you through crafting modern-style bento cakes from basic ingredients into stunning, satisfying masterpieces. While creating recipes for these cakes, we have used a unique set of five molds, developed by the talented Ukrainian architect and cake molds designer, Dinara Kasko.

Each recipe in this book has been crafted with care, enabling you to create individual-sized cakes that look and taste exceptional. Imagine a Banana & Caramel Bento Cake, with lush layers of banana cake and rich caramel mousse, crowned with a charming banana flower–combining warmth with refined elegance. Experience the vibrant allure of the Blackcurrant Bento Cake, where the fresh flavors of blackcurrant mousse are beautifully balanced with sweet jam and a tender sponge.

And it doesn’t stop there! Chocolate lovers will revel in the deep, rich layers of our Chocolate and Caramel Bento Cake, enveloped in a velvety mousse that melts luxuriously in your mouth. Or let the lively zing of the Orange Bento Cake captivate you, with its zesty, moist sponge paired with a light, cloud-like mousse.

With this ebook, you’ll discover how accessible and adaptable creating modern bento cakes can be. Even if you’re new to baking, our step-by-step directions, complete with video tutorials, make each recipe easy to follow. From the comfort of your kitchen, you can build skills and watch your baking abilities flourish.

Each cake you make is a chance to learn, delight and take pride in presenting these charming, eye-catching desserts to friends, family or customers.
The joy of baking and the excitement of crafting something new begin here, with you and this book.

So, why wait? Put on your apron, bring your passion and let’s start baking!

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  1. Banana and caramel bento cake
  2. Blackcurrant bento cake
  3. Chocolate and caramel bento cake
  4. Orange bento cake
  5. Stracciatella bento cake
  6. Strawberry bento cake

Artful Bento Cakes