The Croissant tart is one of the bestsellers in Antonio Bachour's pastry shop.

The rich color of the croissant shell and generous amount of fresh berries leave no room for doubts: it's extra delicious!

In this class the chef shared with you an essential technique on how to prepare the basic croissant dough and make a shell out of it, fill in the shell with the mascarpone cream, strawberry-lime compote and strawberry custard as well as generously decorate it with fresh fruits and berries.

Croissant Berry Tart Course Curriculum

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Croissant Berry Tart


Pastry chef, restaurants owner

Best Pastry Chef 2018, Pastry Chef of 2019

Hello, I am Antonio Bachour!

I started my professional way in pastry since my 17. 

I have more than 30 years of experience in creating and producing pastries. I had an honor to work with Four Seasons Hotels, Trump Hotels, St. Regis Hotels at ONE to THREE Michelin Stars Restaurants. 

I started my own pastry and restaurant business in 2015 by opening Bachour Miami pastry shop. Now I am the owner of 2 more restaurants in Miami. 

During last 10 years I published 6 books on Chocolate, Plated Desserts, Viennoiserie and other pastries.