Picture the joy, the delighted smiles, and the wonder you’ll inspire as you adorn your celebrations with the most enchanting treats.

The Mini Cakes Collection offers a unique selection of 12 reliable recipes, each a key to creating small bites of happiness that leave a lasting impression.

Every page of this book is a step towards mastering the craft of mini desserts, promising the pride of creation as well as the profound pleasure and warmth of presenting these exquisite confections.

My love for mini cakes especially shows during gatherings and celebrations, where they are presented in the most adorable way.

The diversity of flavors and shapes win the hearts of those who try them, ensuring a delightful surprise for any palate. Whether you are aiming to dazzle at catered events, add a touch of charm to a patisserie counter or simply bring a smile to someone’s face, this collection offers versatility and inspiration for every occasion.

Imagine the gasps of delight as you unveil a platter of these miniature wonders, each a vibrant world of flavor and texture waiting to be explored. Dive into the crisp elegance of Mini Tarts Assorties, each bite revealing a luscious heart of ganache. Relish the delicate touch of Raspberry and Pistachio Mini Cakes, each adorned with a creamy, rose-shaped frosting.

Let the airy delight of the Raspberry Cloud, the vibrant tang of Mango and Passion Fruit Cloud and the decadent Chocolate Volcano Mini Cakes transport you to a place where every flavor is a discovery.

What sets this collection apart is our heartfelt dedication to making the exquisite world of pastry accessible to all.

With detailed, easy-to-follow instructions and the related assembly videos, we ensure that bakers at any level can find success and inspiration within these pages.

Welcome to the sweet allure of mini cakes, where every recipe is a celebration waiting to happen!

Tetyana Verbytska

Founder of KICA Academy


  1. Blackcurrant Mini Cakes 
  2. Blackcurrant Moelleux 
  3. Caramel Mini Cheesecakes 
  4. Carrot Mini Cakes 
  5. Chocolate and Coconut Mini Cakes 
  6. Chocolate Heart Mini Cakes 
  7. Chocolate Volcano Mini Cakes 
  8. Mango and Passion Fruit Cloud 
  9. Mini Tarts Assorties 
  10. Raspberry and Pistachio Mini Cakes 
  11. Raspberry Cloud 
  12. Rum and Citrus Baba