• how to make the batter correctly and bake perfectly filled, smooth and even macaron shells

  • how to make the modern pastries based on the basic recipes and techniques of French pastery

  • work out the process of cooking 4 types of batter and 12 types of stable fillings with interesting flavors combinations under the supervision of an experienced chef

  • obtain a ready collection of elegant macarons for your business development


  • You want to learn how to cook the macaron professionally 
  • You cook the desserts at home and you want to start baking the macaron to order or for a cafe
  • You already bake macaron to order and you want to expand the showcase with modern pastries
  • You have been baking to order for a long time and you want to earn a lot more
  • You want to increase your professional level

Lime - Estragon

Two-coloured shells on Italian meringue, silky ganache with refreshing pieces of fresh tarragon with the addition of olive oil will delight you with an exceptional texture and delisious taste.

We prepare a chic recipe of ganache with olive oil for preparing the filling.

Chocolate - Raspberry

Chocolate macarons based on Italian meringue have a nice, less sweet taste thanks to red cocoa and bitter dark chocolate presence in the recipe.

We will prepare salty caramel with luxurious texture, raspberry coolie with seeds. You will get a satisfaction not only of a taste, but of a process as well.

Pear - Dorblu

Cooking the piquant whipped ganache with a lot of Dorblu cheese and juicy pear with vanilla.

The combination of stewed pear and blue cheese makes the macaron taste expressive and unforgettable.

If you like Dorblu, this macaron will become your favorite

Coffee - Praline

Coffee and praline is a combination of flavors that is close and understandable to everyone. Macaron shells with a pleasant bitter coffee taste, which allows you to color them in a coffee shade without using any dyes.

The hazelnut praline will be a flavoring in this pastry. Caramelized chocolate ganache will complement the taste of coffee in shells.

Passion Fruit - Orange

For two-coloured shells we are going to cook chocolate and classic batter for macaron based on Italian meringue.

The combination of milk chocolate and passionfruit juice in ganache gives the macaron an exquisite taste.

To provide the center of the macaron with an attractive shine and contrast to the ganache taste, we will add the red orange confit to it


Cook macaron shells of hazelnut flour, without using any dyes. Only rich nutty taste!

Such macarons always have filled shells of a pastry and charming natural color.

We prepare a chic recipe of ganache with hazelnut butter for filling preparation.


Light and elegant, with pleasant aftertaste of roasted peanuts and caramel. The ganache with peanut butter will add a silky texture to the pastry. We are going to put a "suit" on «Snickers» Macaron by applying a thin layer of bitter chocolate to give its appearance an exquisite look and add a noble bitterness to the taste.

Fashion Macarons Course


Pastry chef, French pastry tutor

From the very beginning, the chef sets the standards of work which help the students to get great pastries that can fill up the vitrines of demanding pastry boutiques.

The chef has few years of experience as a pastry chef in the production line at the best pastry shop in Kiev - Honey, few years of teaching at the Hector Bravo Pastry School.

He also designed and opened the production of luxury pastries in Dubai.

Many years of experience in teaching and working in the industry allow Alexander Trofimenkov to share with the audience theory and practice at the level of world-famous pastry chefs.