Your Step-by-Step Guide to the Perfect Strawberry Dessert

Get Your Ultimate Fraisier Recipe 

There are few desserts that capture the essence of summer quite like the exquisite Fraisier Cake. Originating in the patisseries of Paris, this layered masterpiece celebrates the peak of strawberry season with its glistening crown of ruby-red berries.

The interplay of the jaconde sponge's pillowy texture, the silky smooth mousseline cream and vanilla custard cream, and the bursts of fresh strawberry create a symphony of flavors and sensations in every bite.

With its refined presentation and balance of flavors, the Fraisier Cake is a pastry triumph. Yet, behind its refined appearance lies a surprisingly approachable recipe, one that allows the home baker to craft this pastry treasure with ease. Follow along as I guide you step-by-step through the process of creating your own slice of summer paradise.

Whether enjoyed as the centerpiece of a special gathering or as a personal treat on a warm summer day, this Fraisier cake is sure to enchant the senses and bring delight.

Go ahead, craft this Fraisier masterpiece, and savor the sweet success of mastering this iconic French dessert.

Fraisier by Inesa Poltseva