This is a simple but extremely delicious cake.

It consists of two textures: a delicate chocolate honey sponge and a silky mascarpone frosting. The cake is topped with a tasty milk chocolate icing.

Creamy, light and delicate - a charming combination of flavours for everyone. Everyone who tastes it will certainly fall in love with it.

Make the Milk Slice honey cake as a festive dessert for small events, especially when you don't have much time for cooking but want to have something really special.

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Milk Slice Honey Cake



My name is Marusya Manko.

I am a pastry chef and a tutor at Kiev International Culinary Academy KICA.

I started my pastry career as a home baker. Over time I started to create cakes and it became my passion and main occupation.

Now I help people from more than 50 countries to learn online making professionally my sponge honey cakes. The pleasure of the listeners from their results brings me great joy!

First of all, in my cakes you will appreciate the bright and juicy cuts, but the biggest secret of their popularity remains the taste. It is important for me to make the taste of the cake moderately sweet, balanced in the amount of cream and sponge, so that the cake turns out to be soft, airy and light.

I create delicious cakes from simple ingredients, you can easily make them at home.

These are always professional recipes with good production costs, which makes my cakes popular among home bakers and pastry shops.