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  • Your clients will be back! The tastes of these cakes are moderately sweet, with well balanced quantity of sponge and cream, light, tender and airy

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Heart Mousse Cake

The idea of this cake was to show how contradictory the Heart can be. It is reflected in the taste of this cake where combined opposite to each other flavors – the bitterness of grapefruit and the sweetness of marshmallow. The shape is contradictory too, from outside it looks sharp and hard, but inside the heart is soft, airy and melting. 

Chocolate Block

This cake is very rich in chocolate and its block shape emphasizes the saturation and density of its chocolate textures. The mold for Chocolate Block cake is very special, it was 1st Dinara Kasko commercial hand-made mold. It became very demanded all over the world in a short period of time. This Block shape broke the usual cake concept by its strictness, geometry, laconicism and aggression. 

Pear Mousse Cake

The shape of this cake is very dynamic - it is beautiful to look at. The pearls come in different sizes, creating a pleasant rhythm and attracting the eye. The Pearls cake mold is very popular all over the world.

The main flavor in this cake is peach. The chef will show you how to prepare a peach mousse and peach compote, and complement them with a vanilla crémeux, a tall sponge and a crunchy layer.

Origami Mousse Cake

The mold for this cake – Origami is a best seller, highly admired by many pastry shops and pastry chefs as well as home bakers and amateurs. This mold is highly demanded for Birthday occasion as the cake may be easily cut into portions. In this cake I combined few contrast textures: crunchy layer with hazelnut, hazelnut sponge, hazelnut praline layer, caramel and praline mousse with milk chocolate. This cake will be moderately sweet with well-balanced taste. 

Mosaic Mousse Cake

The surface of this cake looks like a multi-colored mosaic that has been elegantly arranged into a stone flower. The contrast between the matte base and the tricolored glossy décor gives the cake a special character.

Inside the cake, the chef combined a tall lemon sponge cake with a refreshing mint crémeux, a rich strawberry confit and a lemon mousse.

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Modern pastry architect and mold designerWelcome to my course on Architectural Mousse Desserts! 

When I was 15, I decided to become an architect and I did it. I have got my architecture degree and worked as a professional designer creating interior and exterior designs for 8 years. 

At the same time, I discovered a new passion in myself and it was baking. I started to attend master classes of French pastry chefs and their artistic pastries inspired me a lot. 

With time I started to generate my own pastries ideas that were different from those I have ever seen. I imagined my pastries as inedible catchy and expressive design objects. In my imagination, my cakes had unexpected colors and shapes, looked very modern, stylish and minimalistic. 

I started to implement my ideas trying to create my first mousse cake molds. It was a long way from my first wooden mold to 3D printing and big industrial production in fancy boxes as you may buy them now. 

The concept of my molds is to provide a ready high quality design solution, which is easy to implement for anyone from amateur to professional pastry chef. Mold shape itself is already a finished laconic decoration of the cake full of elegance and dynamic. 

I position myself as a pastry mold designer and I feel in this my uniqueness and devotion. And this is what people expect from me: new shapes ideas, new molds and new inspirations