• to enlarge your range with new delicious and profitable cakes

  • attract new clients from your social media accounts with these cakes looks and cuts

  • your clients will be back! The tastes of these cakes are moderately sweet, with well balanced quantity of sponge and cream, light, tender and airy

  • get a reliable basement for any kind of decoration. Every cake will be stable and reaches the client in its best shape


  • You want to make delicious cakes professionally 
  • You are a confident home baker and want to start selling your cakes
  • You already have your cake business and want to reach more clients
  • You are a confident pastry business owner and want to make more profit
  • You want to take your cake mastery to a new level

Spartak cake

A Cake that seduces first with a beauty of its cut, and later, with the tender taste of thin chocolate cakes combined with chocolate custard, pieces of juicy cherry and black chocolate ganache. Bright and delicious, this cake will be a main hero at any celebration.

Chiffon honey cake

For this cake you will make thin and delicate layers, you will feel their tender texture and discover why they are called "chiffon" layers.

Learn to make fillings which you can use in other cakes as well: white chocolate coconut ganache and bilberry blackberry confit.

Orange honey cake

This cake catches the attention since the first look! Sunny, with a very fresh taste.

This cake is a course favorite not only because of its bright appearance and seducing cut, his saturated orange – honey taste fills you with good mood and joy!

Carmel honey cake

This festive, very delicious and easy to make Caramel cake will become one of your favorites! You will prepare tender caramel-honey layers, caramel frosting, salted caramel and make appetizing drips from it.

Billberry tenderness

Make delicate sponge layers with milk & honey soaking to create a juicy texture of this cake. Prepare bilberry filling, soft bilberry marmalade and bilberry cream. Learn to make a frosting with the addition of soft bilberry marmalade. We will not add any colorings here.

Mint-lime honey cake

The rich taste of mint in each texture, combined with the noble bitterness of chocolate, will delight lovers of fresh tastes. Spectacular cake with a beautiful rhythmic cut and a pleasant color will decorate even the most elegant shelf.

Black currant honey cake

Delicious, with a black currant sour note, this cake will please you with its balanced taste and very tender and juicy sponge texture combined with berry filling and cream. This cake is one of the most beautiful in the course. Its bright and rhythmic cut captures your attention and invites to taste.

Bird`s milk souflee cake

You will definitely like tender and light taste of this cake! Learn to assemble a cake from soufflé and sponge cakes and cover the cake with a fudge evenly. Perform an amazing technic of a chocolate tracery and create a beautiful pattern on the cake top.

Chocolate honey cake

Learn to make classic chocolate & honey layers. A frosting, based on drained sour cream and one more stable and simple frosting for this easy but very delicious cake. Learn to assemble, stabilize, level and frost multi-layered cake.

Classic honey cake

With this cake, you will learn the real taste of classic Russian honey cake. Make classic honey dough and bake fragrant layers. Prepare simple and easy to make frosting, based on drained sour cream and stable foundation for this cake. Learn to assemble, stabilize, level and frost multi-layered cake.

Prague chocolate cake

Rich in fragrant chocolate tastes, you will make this Prague cake many times for your customers and loved ones. Learn to make a tender chocolate sponge with cognac soaking to make layers juicy and fragrant. Make a chocolate fudge and and stable dark chocolate ganache to decorate this cake.

Napoleon cake

This cake is one of the most loved in Russia and some eastern Europe countries. Learn to make Crème Anglaise and make a tasty, moderately sweet buttercream which is traditionally used for this cake. You will love this cake from the first bite

Kiev cake

This cake taste is legendary in the chef's home country. Make it and learn why it became so popular. Learn to make crunchy meringue layers, with lots of toasted hazelnuts.Prepare very tasty and easy to make buttercream with condensed milk.

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My name is Marusya Manko.

I am a pastry chef and a tutor at Kiev International Culinary Academy KICA.

I started my pastry career as a home baker. Over time I started to create cakes and it became my passion and main occupation.

Now I help people from more than 50 countries to learn online making professionally my sponge honey cakes. The pleasure of the listeners from their results brings me great joy!

First of all, in my cakes you will appreciate the bright and juicy cuts, but the biggest secret of their popularity remains the taste. It is important for me to make the taste of the cake moderately sweet, balanced in the amount of cream and sponge, so that the cake turns out to be soft, airy and light.

I create delicious cakes from simple ingredients, you can easily make them at home.

These are always professional recipes with good production costs, which makes my cakes popular among home bakers and pastry shops.