• Understand the concept of finger and travel cakes and learn tips to obtain 14 days shelf life cake without fridge and preservatives.

  • Learn to make classic choux dough, pipe and bake perfectly shaped eclairs.

  • Fill in eclairs with silky cream and crunchy layer.

  • Learn to make a glossy tartlet shell from hazelnut shortcrust dough and assemble an elegant tartlet consisting of few different textures with rich hazelnut flavour.

  • Learn to make a sponge, perfect for roll cakes. Master 2 technics of roll cakes assembling.


  • Pastry learners who want to take their mastery to a new level

You want to get professional skills and knowledge to apply them in your career or business. You want to prove your skills with a certificate.

  • Coffee shops, pastry shops or home bakeries owners

You need cakes with affordable production costs and prolonged shelf life based on gluten-free, lowered sugar and gluten free recipes. 

  • Pastry professionals interested in KARIM BOURGI's personality and pastry concept

You want to learn how Karim creates his cakes, try the original pastries and learn to make Chef's range of coffee shop pastries.

INKA travel cake

INKA travel cake consist of three chocolate textures: moist gluten free sponge, chocolate caramel ganache and dark chocolate coating. INKA sponge recipe is special: grace to almond oil, butter and dark chocolate it will be moist. This sponge does not contain regular flour, so it is gluten free.

Pecano travel cake

To make this travel cake Karim combined four textures: almond financier sponge, caramel Bahibe creamy ganache, milk chocolate glaze and framed praline with chocolate. You will love this cake for cute shape, appetizing decoration, long-lasting shelf life and interesting cut. The pecan nut on the top delivers a clear idea of this cake flavor.

Antep finger travel cake

The shape of this cake is called «finger», because it is comfortable to keep with just fingers, no need in plate and fork. Finger shape makes people comfortable to eat such a cake even on the go, with favorite morning coffee for example. For this cake Karim Bourgi combined unusual flavors — the freshness of grapefruit confit and rich pistachio taste in few textures.

Chocolate eclair`s chef`s signature

In these chocolate éclairs Karim Bourgi combined classic choux pastry with chocolate cream, chocolate glaze and crunchy layer. These éclairs are moderately sweet with rich chocolate flavor. Karim Bourgi covered them with shiny Karaibe dark chocolate glaze without gelatine and filled them in with a dark chocolate crèmeux.

Alba hazelnut tartlet

This tartlet is all about hazelnut: shortcrust, whipped ganache, sponge, gianduja and even the glaze - each recipe emphasizes hazelnut flavor. It catches the eye with the glossy hazelnut glaze and well baked texture of shortcrust. Hazelnut skin particles in the glaze make the look very delicious. 

Mosaic individual roll cake

The Viennese sponge is soaked with raspberry punch, covered with raspberry confit and rolled up. The rolls are decorated with pistachio whipped ganache and candied pistachios. Accurate rhythmic lines of confit, ganache and sponge mesmerize and invite to try them. Soft, saturated with raspberry flavor complemented with a distinctive pistachio note. 

Tiramisu roll cake

Use this recipe if you love Tiramisu flavour but need more sophisticated pastry. This cake is moist and creamy with rich coffee flavour and a tasty crunchy note. The most attractive part – the cut of the buche. It is very special by rhythmic lines of sponge and cream complemented with white center of Mascarpone whipped ganache.

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Pastry chef, French pastry tutor

"You will easily recognize my pastries by their delicious look. Each pastry speaks about itself by the appearance. Whipped creams, tasty sponges, fruits coulis, caramel are the best decorations for my cakes. 

I invite you to my course, where we will make 7 different pastries rich in textures and flavors. 

I will show you the way I make a Chocolate éclair, Individual roll cake Mosaic and Tiramisu buche. Also, I will prepare a Finger Pistachio cake Antep, a Hazelnut tartlet Alba and a Chocolate glazed travel cake Inka. 

Enjoy my foolproof recipes, detailed video-tutorials and your new pastry experience! "