The Rosy is a three-tiered individual cake. This chic Pink Cake consists of of almond sponge, strawberry and lychee coulis, fresh lychee and mousseux lychee, and pink marshmallow. The cut looks impressive. Each tier seduces with its own charm promising a fascinating taste experience. The chocolate pearls and dried Verbena flower look fresh and unique. The delicate taste of lychee with strawberries is very pleasant. The cake is balanced, with natural lychee sweetness.

Rosy Individual Cake Course Curriculum

  Rosy Individual Cake
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Rosy Individual Cake Course


French Pastry Chef

Hello everyone!

My name is Gregory Doyen.

For me, as a pastry professional, it is important to create commercially successful desserts. As a result, all my desserts meet 3 main criteria: a seductive and elegant look, delicious flavors and a cost-effective production.

Behind most of my cakes, there are time-tested pastries which are easy to sell because many people love them from their childhood. I have added my personal touch to the flavors and my artistic vision to the look.