This tartlet shows off the classic combination of strawberry and pistachio with a modern and elegant presentation. The beautiful, fluid coulis texture seduces everyone to try it. Made from fresh strawberries, the décor is very beautifully laid out.

The combination of three contrasting textures - rich berry, silky creamy, and well-baked - makes this pastry truly a masterpiece.

All the flavors have a distinct character, creating an amazing medley of tastes. The pastry is filled with summer and freshness.

Make this tartlet for those special romantic moments!

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  Strawberry and Pistachio Pie Tartlet
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Senior Executive Pastry Chef at Four Seasons Dubai

Asia's Best Pastry Chef 2018

Hello, everyone! I'm Nicolas Lambert, and welcome to my "Modern French Pastries" course. 

Today, I invite you to join my ambitious course "Modern French Pastries" — ideal for perfectionists. In this course, you will be taught how to make classic French haute cuisine and present it in an elegant and contemporary fashion. All of the recipes are specially selected for their rich and palatable flavors. 

Designed for gourmet restaurants and high-end pastry boutiques, my desserts are, by nature, ambitious. They reflect the highest standards of quality in both their taste and appearance.

As a student of mine, you shall learn recipes that are used in professional French cuisine, thus reaching a new level of knowledge, skill and experience. You shall learn how to prepare choux au craquelin, silky whipped ganache, Linzer dough, marzipan sponge, xanthan-based meringue, whipped jelly and much, much more. 

Join my course and explore the world of haute cuisine!