The idea here is to impress you with making a dessert that has a very realistic fried egg appearance. The cakes consist of crispy praline, chocolate sponge, coconut cream, banana coulis and a milk chocolate mousse. To make the egg for the top, a mixture of marshmallow and mango puree was used, spherical in vegetable jelly. They look gorgeous and truly captivate your imagination. The variety of texture and beautiful colors turn this cake into a piece of pastry art.

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French Pastry Chef

Hello everyone!

My name is Gregory Doyen.

For me, as a pastry professional, it is important to create commercially successful desserts. As a result, all my desserts meet 3 main criteria: a seductive and elegant look, delicious flavors and a cost-effective production.

Behind most of my cakes, there are time-tested pastries which are easy to sell because many people love them from their childhood. I have added my personal touch to the flavors and my artistic vision to the look.