Inside the Tessellation mold Dinara offered a carrot cake, but you will not feel a distinctive taste of carrot, instead, you will enjoy the combination of mango, orange and crunchy nutty notes.

This cake is tender, simple, delicious and understandable, at that, it is unusual due to its shape. The Tessellation cake is easy to make, so even pastry beginners can start with it.

This cake mold is extremely popular. Huge number of pastry chefs use it.

Very often Tessellation mold is used for creating a top level in tiered cakes.

The Tessellation Cake Course curriculum

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  Муссовый торт Тесселейшн
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The Tessellation Cake


Modern pastry architect and mold designer

When I was 15, I decided to become an architect and I did it. I have got my architecture degree and worked as a professional designer creating interior and exterior designs for 8 years. 

At the same time, I discovered a new passion in myself and it was baking. I started to attend master classes of French pastry chefs and their artistic pastries inspired me a lot. 

With time I started to generate my own pastries ideas that were different from those I have ever seen. I imagined my pastries as inedible catchy and expressive design objects. In my imagination, my cakes had unexpected colors and shapes, looked very modern, stylish and minimalistic. 

I started to implement my ideas trying to create my first mousse cake molds. It was a long way from my first wooden mold to 3D printing and big industrial production in fancy boxes as you may buy them now. 

The concept of my molds is to provide a ready high quality design solution, which is easy to implement for anyone from amateur to professional pastry chef. Mold shape itself is already a finished laconic decoration of the cake full of elegance and dynamic. 

I position myself as a pastry mold designer and I feel in this my uniqueness and devotion. And this is what people expect from me: new shapes ideas, new molds and new inspirations